Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wednesday WIP

I've been a bit busy but not on the socks.  I put them away so I could finish the hat.  And yesterday I started to bind it off and realized about 1/3 of the way through that it was not acting like a hat but a doily.  It was wanting to lay flat.  So I had to undo the bind off and I decreased by 1/2 of the stitches and did a round of the knit 2 purl 2 pattern and tried it on.  It was still really too big for my head so now I am in the process of decreasing the stitches by another 1/3 and then I will do a few rounds of knit 2 purl 1 ribbing.  I should have it done this week.  This is where it is right now:
I think the colors and striping turned out OK.

I also did a couple of pick-me up projects.  I made pot holders.  Here they are pre-felted:

They roll up all the time so I used my needle felting brush to hold the one flat.  I am going to sew them together and then felt them but I want to make a few more first so I have plenty of potholders.  I used Debbie Bliss Soho yarn for this.  It felts nice and tight.

And I made a square for my stitch practice afghan.  I decided to try out a lace stitch and did one called "spot stitch" which I found in this book:

There are some neat stitches in there.  I picked mine up at the library.  Here is the square:
As usual, it is a little crazy at the edges.  I think I am going to start using the slip stitch on all my edges of these things so that they come out a little nicer.  I can "fix" this when I sew them all together.  But I thought it turned out nice for a first try. 

And just so you all know where to find more fun Wednesday WIPs, I am linking you to the source--Tami's Amis


pentalia said...

Oooo, can't wait to see those pot holders felted!

Tami Klockau said...

Bummer about the hat, but I'm sure you'll be able to fix it in no time! Can't wait to see the pot holders felted, be sure to post them for us!

autumngeisha said...

Good luck with the hat. Maybe you can knit the ribbing long enough to make a folded brim. Those seem to fit better. Pretty colors for the potholders.


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