Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Illness and Christmas Parties

Today is the day of our 4-H Christmas party.  The kids did secret Santa gifts and are going to be doing a scrapbook page.  The adults were going to bring some festive foods. 

But my oldest is ill.  I took her to the doctor this morning because she has all the symptoms of strep:

sore throat
no appetite

Her strep test came back negative but she wasn't very cooperative and that my be why.  The Dr. said it was at least strep if not a bacterial infection of some sort.  So she has to stay home for the Christmas party. 

Every year it seems like we don't get to go to the Christmas party or singing carols or other fun activity with their friends because we always seem to have illness visit during this time of the year.  This is another reason I don't plan school work during this month.  We usually end up taking a couple weeks off due to illness any way.

I hope others are keeping healthy out there and enjoying the holiday season.

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