Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Countdown to Christmas

We are in the final days before Christmas.  How do you get everything ready in time?  Cleaning, shopping, present wrapping?  I have a nice little schedule to keep me on track:

Library & errand running

cleaning house (bathroom, litter boxes & kitchen)
taking out the trash

with the main areas clean it is just a matter of touching up today
working on menu & shopping list
kids wrap gifts for each other & grandparents

shopping (grocery and any last minute gifts)

every gets baths before bedtime so they look nice on Christmas morning
we also lay out their prettiest PJs
wrapping presents and putting a few out

family comes over
biscuits & gravy for breakfast
fun food for the rest of the day

we take down the tree & Christmas decorations
finish cleaning up the holidays

So are you all ready for the holidays?  Do you have a plan?

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