Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weekly Report and What's Coming up

We are done with Oak Meadow 2 and 5 now.  They are all over and done.  Yeah!  I have to say that this has been the best school year yet and I am so happy we decided to go with Oak Meadow.

We switched bird and fish weeks in Oak Meadow 2 and my youngest finished her flamingo lapbook today.

My oldest read about the life of Nellie Bly and started in her new math book.

So what's up for the rest of December and November?

Christmas school!  We will be taking the week of Thanksgiving off to concentrate on preparations and cooking for that day.  And the next 2-3 weeks we will do Christmas school.  So what are we doing this year?

Read Aloud:

I've been waiting for my daughters to get old enough to read this one.  There are seven chapters so it will only take us two weeks to read.

Reading box:

My youngest is going to attempt this book and it will probably take us the whole month to have her read through it.  She picked it out.

My oldest wants to read this Christmas story.

Math box:
oldest--subtraction and multiplication review
youngest--13, 8, 5 and 13, 7, 6

We are going to do Christmas in England portion from the Christmas around the World lapbook.

Christmas cards and we may make bookmarks for the family.

I think we will have a good time in Christmas school.  We are all so excitedly anticipating the holiday that it is hard to focus on new things and this is a great way for us to still do work but have some fun too.


Mary said...

Love the lapbook!

Faith said...

We do Advent School where we do fun stuff to prepare for Christmas. Congrats on finishing OM!

Kristine said...

Christmas school sounds like *SO* much fun. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

I like your November/December plans :)

Eva said...

I like your idea of Christmas school! We always try to read some Advent stories in December, but I have never just given up on regular school work. Maybe I have to give that a thought.

Mandy in TN said...

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a favorite here and we may join you in making bookmarks!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Congrats on finishing OM 2 & 5! Your Christmas school plans sound great -- I checked out the lapbook, all the countries look like fun!
PS Geronimo Stilton is so fun! Even my older ones get a kick out of his antics!

Lisa said...

Your blog always makes me want to try Oak Meadow. Thanks for the link to the Christmas Around the World lapbook.

Robyn said...

Great ideas for Christmas School! Love the "out of the box" thinking for how to navigate the holiday season!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. Have a great Thanksgiving week.


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