Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Take What You Need and Leave the Rest

The best advice I ever got, I learned from nursing my children.  When children nurse they take the nutrients that they need and leave the stuff that they don't need.  I think that this is something that can be applied to so many areas of life including homeschooling.

I am on the Internet quite a bit and it saddens me when someone says,  "I liked this and that about that method but once I dug deeper there were some thing I didn't like and so we don't do that method at all.  It's bad." 

When it comes to methods, you may like one or two aspects and greatly disagree with something else.  You know what?  You can just use the aspects you like and that you think would work well in your homeschool and not use the rest of the method.  It is OK.

So if you like Waldorf's natural toys, artwork and story-like math but don't like some of the funky spiritual things--it is OK to just do the parts you like.

Or if you like the Charlotte Mason living books but your children hate narration.  It is OK to just use the living book idea but not torture your child with narration.

If you like the set up of the Classical method but think a lot of the materials are dry, dull and boring.  It is OK to use it as your framework and find other materials that work better for your family like Charlotte Mason's living books.

Trust yourself.  Use what you like, need and/or what works for your family.  Don't worry what others will think.  Don't worry that you are going to mess things up by not doing the "whole" program as so-and-so interpreted the method.  Do what is right for you and your family.  After all, chances are if you are homeschooling then you really didn't want someone else dictating the method and materials your child would learn from.


kim said...

You said it, girl! I absolutely agree. That is basically what we do, although I have to say you gave me something to think about on the living books and narration. I have often "tortured" my children having them do the narration.

I try to find alternative ways to do it and only ask for a straightforward narration occasionally. I do think it is a good exercise. I will give some thought to what you said, though. Maybe I can let that go......

We use mostly CM, bits of Waldorf, bits of Classical, and bits of unschooling. It's all good. :))

Faith said...

I wholeheartedly agree!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Another "wholeheartedly agree" comment! I love reading about homeschool methods and I like the idea of completely following one (of a large number!) of them...but I never do. And well, it's all good!

Cindie said...

Wow! You and I must have had our brains connected at the same time! I was just talking about this with dh. Great post!

CloseAcademy said...

I'd actually read someone else's blog post disparaging Waldorf and it bothered me so I decided to post about how you can use what you need/like from a method and ignore the stuff that you don't like.

Glad everyone liked it.

HeatherLee said...

And, that is the point of homeschooling. Educating your children the way you want and they need. You can take bits from different methods and enjoy them to their fullest.

I am a bit saddened that so many homeschoolers feel they need to stick to certain curriculum vendors or method.

I think the internet can lead to that jealously. Do some research and be on your way. Stop comparing your family to everyone else. If you don't start you will never get the process going and see how it works with your family.

Dee said...

That is my parenting/homeschooling/life philosophy is a nutshell!


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