Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preparing for Thanksgiving

I thought I would post my checklist that I will be working off of to prepare for Thanksgiving.

clean bathroom
clean out all litter boxes
empty all trash
sweep living room
declutter living room
put away summer stuff on porch
throw pumpkins into compost bin
sweep off porch
take out trash to street

put away any last minute clutter
sweep all floors
wipe down all surfaces
bake pumpkin pie
bake bread?
marinate turkey?

start turkey
make mashed potatoes
make sweet potatoes
make stuffing that is not in turkey
warm bread
put all on display on my nice pewter

take down fall decorations
put up Christmas tree
put up Christmas decorations
start working on felt advent calendar & knitted horse toy to mark the days

It sounds a bit busy but it isn't too bad.  Have you made a checklist to help keep you on top of holiday preparations?

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