Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Peek at the New School Year

 I thought I would give you all a peek at our plans for January.  I am excited about the new year and our new materials.

3rd grade:

Oak Meadow 3--weeks 1-4 covering time, clocks, sun, moon and rabbits
Marsha's Group --Russian Folk tales and winter math block
MacMillan/McGraw Hill  the spelling and phonics books for grade 1, activities from stories 1-4
Scott Foresman  the grammar book for grade 1, nouns
Rod and Staff Math 2--triplets for 13 & 14

I think she will have a lot of fun.  She will also get to pick out her own books to read and is ready for level 2 readers.

5th/6th grade:

Oak Meadow 6--weeks 1-3 stone age, Mesopotamia, environment, biology
Lapbooks--Ice Age, Mesopotamia
Scott Foresman  Grade 3 grammar, nouns
Spell to Write and Read--review lists A-H1, M-6 & M7
Rod and Staff Math 5--review work
Famous Women studies--a biography a week about a famous woman

She will also be reading a book of her choice.  Writing will be a huge focus this year.

I think it will be a good start to the year.  A lot of the things we are doing are things that are working for us already so very little of it is new.  The workload will be increased slightly but that is a good thing. 

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