Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Morning

Sometimes, if bunnies are not fixed, they think they may be having babies and so they start to build a nest.  Here is my nesting bunny:
She sort of looks like she is going to be a mummy for Halloween. Doesn't she?  We need to get her fixed sometime over winter/spring.

We had a good morning despite candy overload last night.  They did about 2 of the 3 hours of trick-or-treating and then we all came home.  We let them eat as much as they want once it is sorted.   They ate on the candy for about an hour or so until they had enough, ran around for about an hour and then they sort of crashed and slept.

This morning was one of the better morning-afters for Halloween.  We got a nice start and finished things quickly.  We are in the middle of the wind down for Christmas school.  How was your Halloween?

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Anonymous said...

I am SO glad I am mot the only one who lets Little's eat candy, let alone eat all they want :).

I am sorry to hear about your mammogram scare. I need to schedule one myself and am a bit nervous.

Wishing you a better week,


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