Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's in the box? Grade 5

We are finishing up the history/English syllabus for Oak Meadow 5.  The rest of October and November will be spent finishing up the trip project.  So what is in the boxes this week?

Reading box:

Another adventurous book featuring girls.

Language arts box:
grammar--Oak Meadow's final exam, subjects
McCall-Crabbs 14 and 15
writing exercises--patterns, colorful words, picture this and my monster

Spelling box:
er, silent e and multi-letter phonograms

History/Social Studies box:
Chattanooga, TN and Huntsville, AL

Science box:
integrate knowledge, physical science and gravity

Math box:
multiplying large numbers and dividing multiples of 10

Eleanor Roosevelt

She is this week's Famous American Woman. 

latch-hook rug

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