Thursday, October 14, 2010

Second Grade Weekly Report

She really enjoyed dolphins and whales.  We finished up the unit this week and here is how the lapbook turned out:

She is coming along in reading and math.  I like the way Rod and Staff teaches addition/subtraction within 20 by using the triplet method.  This is making addition/subtraction easy for my daughter.  We worked on silent e rules 3-4 this week.  She also had her eyes checked and she is a little far sighted yet.  I am thinking that is why it has taken her longer to learn to read.  Her eyes were not ready yet.

We also did a reflective form drawing.  I think she did fairly well:

It was a good week.


Faith said...

I want to try to do a lapbook with my youngest dd, but for some reason find it sooo intimidating. So thanks for the pic, it's inspiring me!

Guiding Light said...

Great post - appreciate the pics! Have a wonderfully blessed day! (Visiting from Homeschool Blogger Haven.)


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