Thursday, October 7, 2010

Second Grade Weekly Report

She is making good progress with reading.  The Welcome series of books are excellent and she is starting to get very good at reading them.  The DK books are good as well.  Soon she may be able to move onto other things.

Her practice quilt is almost finished.
She just needs to sew that last row on for 4-H on Tuesday.

Her math work is going very well.  She has quickly caught on with the triplet idea and she is memorizing these.  Her writing is also improving.  Here is a picture from her grammar worksheets:
These seem to be really helping with her reading and writing.  For phonics we worked with the second rule of the silent e.  She learned that you need an e to prop up a u or v at the end of the word.  This is the picture she made to illustrate the rule:

She really enjoyed the story from Oak Meadow, "Delphi to the Rescue."  Overall, it was a good week for her.


Laurie said...

Another pretty quilt in the making! I really like the green fabric with the hats - cute!

Bright Sky Mom said...

Pictures and color to help remember spelling rules is a great idea!

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. Visuals and hands-on activities really help.


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