Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rhythm in Busy Weeks

I have an busy, busy, busy week.  Normally a week like this will turn me into a very cranky person.  I like my at home time.  I like to have plenty of time to recharge and relax.  But sometimes we have times where we have to do things that are outside of our normal routine. 

This week we have our full version of our weekly rhythm plus we have dinner with my dad and a foreign exchange student, an eye Dr. appointment and school pictures.  Plus this week I teach watercolors in 4-H and it is our week to bring the snack.  Am I running around crazy?

No, I am relying on our normal rhythm to provide structure, support, calm and peace during the busy time.  Rather than drop things left and right, we are continuing to breathe in and out throughout our day and rely on the constancy of the rhythm.

Another reason to work on developing a good rhythm or routine:  it helps to keep things calm in busy times.

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