Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Morning

It will be a somewhat busy and hopefully not too stressful week.  We have 4-H, Karate, a diagnostic mammogram, playgroup, my sock class and Halloween.  So it may be a crazy week but we are going to stay calm and let our rhythm carry us through.

This morning started out well.  Schoolwork was quick and easy.  We are starting to wrap things up for the year.  My youngest only has about 3 weeks of work left in her Oak Meadow syllabus and my older dd finished up her history and is on her way to finishing up the science by Christmas.  She is also in danger of finishing up her math text.

I think that this is the first October in many years where this has not been an incredibly challenging time.  Most years this list of things seems to be true:

the girls hit learning walls
we get stuck in curriculum
we get burned out by curriculum
I get overwhelmed with a busy October/November
we all get stressed
some sort of change is going on and everyone is difficult

But I think Oak Meadow. the online Waldorf community and listening to Rudolf Steiner has really kept us on track.  This is what I see happening now:

I am listening to what the children need and am giving it to them
I am knitting to relax and work out stress
our daily rhythm keeps things balanced and centered
I have plans and systems to keep us on track and organized
I did not start new things with the fall but focused on using this time as a time to wrap up the year

This has been a great year and I hope that Oak Meadow 6 and 3 turn out to be as wonderful as 2 and 5 were.  Have a good Monday!


dkjsv05 said...

Man I know what you mean about stress around this time of year. I am learning to finally relax :).

I just wanted to throw this thought out there, my friend is doing oak meadow 6 and has spread it out over 2 years since there is SO much there.

Wishing you a great week,

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. Our plan with OM6 is to spread it out over a year and a half so we are on track for 7th and 8th grade.


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