Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Morning

A pleasant start to the week.  I feel much more calm since we had a weekend at home.  Our rhythm is working well and housework is caught up.  I even did some decluttering in the basement on Saturday morning.  A good start like this helps to make Monday morning and the week start out on the right foot.

My youngest is learning about whales and dolphins this week.  We also started the story of "The Richest Number" from A Little Garden Flower's math.  She is supposed to think about which number should be king and tell me tomorrow. 

My oldest had a nice start and I used A Little Garden Flower's math book again this time for decimals.  I saw light bulbs go off and I am hoping that her fraction to decimal work is correct.  In Oak Meadow, the topic is cultures and we talked about the three big cultures that live in our area:  Chinese, Japanese and Indian.  We have a special ethnic festival this weekend in town and I will take her to that so she can see just how diverse our area is.

I also attempted to knit in the round this morning using the magic loop method. (You have to scroll down to the bottom to find it.)  I want to make a felted IPod cozy.  But even though I watched this video, I know I am doing something wrong.   The yarn between my two sets of stitches is too long.  Want to see the yarn I am using:

It is 20% cotton and 80% wool and it is such a pretty pastel rainbow.  I think it would be great for holding my IPod while I work out.

Well, that is our start to the week.  I hope your Monday went well.


Sally said...

I really like Melisa's math book, but with all the other stuff here, I forget to go to my computer and see it (we have the e-version). I need to revisit it!
Magic Loop is great, but it is really wonky at first. When you finish a needle, do you move the working yarn over and behind that back needle? That prevents an extra loop in your count. It takes getting used to, but it really is a great technique!

CloseAcademy said...

I print out the stuff I need from Melisa's math book. For my younger dd, I printed out all the 2nd & 3rd grade stuff and my older dd has a folder with all the 4-5th grade stuff. It makes it easier to use.

I'm thinking about going to my local yarn shop to figure out what I may be doing wrong with the magic loop. If anything the sock class should help because they use it for that.

Sally said...

if you are like me, i need to see hands knitting in real life to really figure it out. Best of luck on it -- you'll get it!

I habe an OM question -- we are starting to use OM 4 this year...did you use the art instruction?

CloseAcademy said...

We didn't do OM4. I am planning on doing everything but the woodworking for 3. OM5 has projects for history but not much in the way of art instruction. If you go to You can probably ask questions there. We even have sections for each grade level.

Sally said...

thank you for the link!


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