Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Kingdom of Childhood Lecture 7

I listened to the 7th and final lecture in Kingdom of Childhood.  The next part is questions and answers.  I think that this one take a few times to really "get" what he is talking about.  Here are my highlights:

Steiner takes on Einstein and the Theory of Relativity
the importance that the curriculum is living
science in the upper elementary
teaching whole to parts

I really liked the idea about showing or taking the children to see a mountain, then showing them rocks and then finally talking about what the rock are made of and how they are made.  The whole to parts idea really has a lot of merit.

This lecture probably has a lot of very important insights but it is going to take listening to it a few times and perhaps reading it to really get to the good stuff.

Next, I am going to start listening to one of the following:

Practical Advice to Teachers
The Education of the Child

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