Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fifth Grade Weekly Report

I think we are making real progress.  She had light bulbs go off in math as far as converting fractions to decimals although it is taking time to stick.  The great thing about Rod and Staff is that even though we are moving on to new topics, she will continue to convert fractions to decimals for a long time to come.

Her trip project is moving along and she wrote about Bardstown, KY.  Here is her entry:
I am working with her on neatness and that is coming along slowly.  She spent a lot of time this week work on writing paragraphs.  We have completed 10 of the McCall-Crabb's Test Lessons in Reading and I was able to figure out that her reading comprehension is at about grade level.  So that was good.  I need to do a spelling assessment again soon.

She is enjoying handwork and her quilt is coming along nicely.

I think she did a good job.  She is getting more patient.  I am hoping that patience will bring with it neatness, attention to detail and care for her work.  Overall, it was a good work with just the normal amounts of whining over math and writing.


Laurie said...

The quilt is coming along nicely! I need to come back before next Fri & read some more about her trip project. It looks very interesting!

Robyn said...

Her quilt is looking great! I'm with your dd though... not patient and not attentive to detail... not some of my finer character traits! ;-)

Lisa said...

I think she did great with the quilt. I'm still working on patience myself.

Bright Sky Mom said...

Progress! That word just makes me smile when thinking about homeschool. :) My 5th grader needs to work on neatness of handwriting also.

Daisy said...

Sounds like your daughter is a little ahead of mine in the math department. We start those fractions to decimals soon.

Hooray for good news in math and reading. I like the McCall-Crabbs tests.

I love the quilt.

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks for stopping by everyone. We are going to be putting the quilt project on hold while we wait for new 4-H book. We will be doing watercolors this week.


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