Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's in the box? Second Grade

Wondering what we are doing for the first week of fall semester and the wrapping up period of second grade?  Well, we are starting off with a week all about communication.  Here is what is in our boxes:

Reading/phonics box:
ou, The Young Crab and His Mother from Aesop's

is what she will be reading to me this week. 

Main Lesson box:
animal communication and how our community communicates
I found these things at the library:


I know Oak Meadow recommends Koko's Kitten but it was checked out so we are doing this one instead.

Math box:
the 8's table, she will also be working on subtraction within 10


I think that we will have a fun week learning all about how people communicate with each other and how animals communicate.

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