Thursday, September 16, 2010

What's in the box? Grade 5

I think she will have a good week.  We will be starting to work on her trip across the US as brochures are already starting to come in.

Reading box:

Language arts box:
antonyms, plurals, homonyms and subject/predicate work
a newspaper project
McCall-Crabbs 6 and 7

Spelling box:
list M-1
multi-letter phonograms, rule breaker words, task cards and the test

Main lesson box:
geography and climate of the US, drawing a map of the US, writing about her trip
classification, monera, protista, and fungi

Math box:
working with large numbers, Roman numbers and review

reptiles--defense, difference, eggs, and egg & predators

I think she will enjoy the week.

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