Thursday, September 9, 2010

What's in the box? Grade 5

As we start the first week of fall semester, Oak Meadow 5 is wrapping up the year.  It has been a good year with this curriculum and we are looking forward to starting Oak Meadow 6 in January.  But what are we doing this next week?

Language arts box:
sentences, subject and predicate work
contrast and brainstorm
Mccall-Crabbs 4 & 5

Spelling box:
list M-1
ough, color wheel, marking syllables and silent e
alphabetize, silent e page and task cards

Main Lesson box:
planning her trip across the US, railroads
life science and cells


Math box:
averages, division, zeros and word problems

It's a bit of a busy week covering lots of various bits of work.  I think she will enjoy it.

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