Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Work in Progress

My little square are coming along.  With our break from school, I made quite a few this week.  I finished 4 and started one more.  I spent a lot of the week experimenting with texture patterns.  To keep track of stitches (I get mixed up easily), I am using a graph paper notebook:

I map out the pattern and then I check mark it as I finish the rows.  This one was for hearts.

Ok, here are the squares I did this week:

The top is the diagonal rib, the orange is in the raised diamond pattern, the red is hearts, the pink is the garter stitch stripe and the blue is the broken rib pattern.  I think they turned out well.  Although for some reason my purl rows are always bigger than my knit rows. I can't figure out how to tighten the tension on the purl rows.

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