Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning

We had ups and downs today.  I'm not feeling well because of allergies so this kind of casts a shadow over the day. If I take antihistamines then I will be in a fog so instead I'm just a little grumpy and in pain.

I made a window star:
Now we need to make time to make some for each season.

My oldest liked her science lesson about the nervous system and insisted on adding in this song.  She also started looking at the materials on Louisville, KY.  I think she will need to write about a couple of days there because there is so much to do.  In fact, I am thinking that we may want to go to the Louisville Science Center

The down sides for my oldest was all the complaining about writing.  She so hates to write.

My youngest loved drawing a camel while I read to her "Life in the Sahara" from Oak Meadow 2.  She had a hard time paying attention when we counted change by skip counting.  But she quickly did her math and enjoyed working on her wildlife poster.

It was a good morning after all but we had a few bumps in the road.


Amanda, the Head Nut said...

I like the star. Do you have a link on how to make them?

I hope the rest of your week gets better and better. :)

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. Here is a link:


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