Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kingdom Of Childhood Lecture 2

I listened to the second lecture from Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner.  What did I learn?

1.  academic kindergarten is a waste of time

I have to agree with this one.  I can even see the point that it is harmful and hindering.  Although, I do believe that if a child teaches themselves, that is OK.  It is forcing academics on a child who is not ready for them that is wrong.

2.  teach in a way that reaches the child

This is so true.  When you find a way to get your child to care about what they are learning, it sticks better.  If they don't care for it then it just gets dumped right out.

3.  a cool idea for teaching letters

I used this idea to teach my children.  The idea of using pictures that have the sound of the letter and that you can trace the shape of the letter.  I liked his idea of m for mouth.  You paint a mouth, have the child tell you what it is but only the first sound and then you trace an "m" on the top of the mouth.

Here are some of the ways we did this with letters:

A little weird in parts but plenty of useful ideas--Kingdom of Childhood by Rudolf Steiner.

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