Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Household Checklists

I've tried a number of systems over the years to keep my household chores and our daily/weekly routines on track.  This year I am trying out a series of checklists that I made.  I keep them in a 3-prong folder.  I have our daily routines:

This checklist is divided up by time of day:  morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening.  For each time of day we have things that we do each day. 

Since we have daily chores but they change from day to day, I also made this list for our book:
Now, I can easily see what we need to do each day during chore and outing times.  This helps to keep me on track because sometimes I forget what we are doing.  To help me remember what I am supposed to do in each room when it is that room's day, I made this chart:
I divided up the types of chores:  declutter, wipe down, clean, and other.  This way I can go through a room and clean it from top to bottom.  I know that once you have these systems in work for a while, there is less to clean and it goes quicker.

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