Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grade 5: What's in the box?

I think we will have a good week with what we have planned. 

Reading box:

It's not classic literature but she enjoys reading it.  And that is what is important to foster a love of reading.

Language arts box:
add detail with statement and question activities
Mccall-Crabbs test lessons 8 and 9

Spelling box:
list M-2
number words, ti, ci, si rules, e-drop word activities

Main lesson box:
trip project--Louisville, KY and Bardstown, KY
tissue--nerve, muscle, epithelial and connective

Math box:
working with money
using pictures to solve problems
decimals and adding/subtracting decimals

Lapbook box:
life cycles of the alligator, turtle and gecko
threatened & endangered

Project box:
4-H cat project

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