Thursday, September 23, 2010

Grade 2 Weekly Report

It was an enjoyable week.  She loved listening to the stories about pets and finishing up her wildlife project.  For the 3rd grade Wildlife project for 4-H, they color pictures of animals and put them in their habitat.  Here are her animals so far:

Once she finishes, we will color the habitat poster and attach it all to a poster board and match the animals to their habitats.

She loved the story of Marshmallow but she enjoyed this series of books more:

We read about the bunny and the kitten.  I think she would like to have me read the rest of the stories and we may use them for filler in the coming weeks.

Form drawing went well and I was happy with what she did.

She is doing much better using the stick crayons for the forms than she did with the block crayons.  It was totally worth it to purchase the stick crayons.

We started a new unit in Rod and Staff math and she is working on triplets.  11, 9 and 2 was the triplet this week.  Basically, if you see 2 of the numbers you know you need the third.

It was a good week.


Gifts for Girls Academy said...

I love the wildlife habitat poster. My 2nd grader is studying animals and habitats this year too! She loves animals so this was an easy decision with science.

Daisy said...

I ♥ R&S Triplets. They made math so much more bareable for my kiddos. My 8yo just finally finished memorizing them (though we still need lots of daily practice). Looks like a fun week.

Mandy in TN said...

We own some of those individual little books. They are very sweet.


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