Thursday, September 9, 2010


I've tried cursive first.

I've tried teaching cursive from memory.

I've tried just sneaking it into their copywork.

But they can't even write manuscript well! 

So I am going to use the idea of 3 lines of color:  blue for sky, green for grass/ground, and brown for under the earth.  And I am going to work on reteaching penmanship this fall then starting cursive in January.  Here is what the paper looks like:

I used block crayons, turned them on the short side and made a line across.  When I reteach the letters we will learn which letters reach for the sky, which ones curl up on the ground and which ones dive underground.  I also made this page for cursive letters:

My cursive style is my own version of Palmer.  The Palmer method is what they used at my grade school but over the years I am sure that I have added my own flair to it.  This is the cursive I will teach my kids.

By the way this post was inspired by discussions of cursive writing on the third grade Waldorf group.


jennybell said...

My son is in second grade at a school associated with Memoria Press (they sell for homeschool, too). They started cursive in the FIRST grade and I was like you - "he doesn't even print well". He now writes cursive better than print. I was very impressed with how they taught it (mostly copy work). They use a curriculum they sell through Memoria Press.

Lisa said...

Got here from WTM. What a great idea. My kids write all over the paper as if the lines weren't there.

MissMOE said...

quite impressive. Great idea.

Sally said...

I love using the colored lines approach for a while! Just today, I drew "the golden path" (a la Christopherus) and the difference in my 1st grader's letter height was amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this technique with cursive!


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