Thursday, August 26, 2010

What's in the Box? Grade 5

I think we have a nice week lined up for 5th grade. 

Grammar/composition box:
making words plural
Scott Foresman conventions and sentence activities
alphabetical order, following directions activity on butterflies
venn diagram activities

Spelling box:
list L-6, marking silent e, marking multi-letter phonograms and testing the list
McCall-Crabbs Test Lessons in Reading A
worksheets on the phonograms that say "A" and "er"

Main Lesson box:
Civil War
clouds and storm activities, we will draw different cloud types

Math box:
multiplying a mixed number and 4-digit long division

Lapbook box:
reptiles--physical traits, reptile skin, molting and body temperature

Reading box:

She said that there was nothing happening in A Cricket in Times Square so she is reading Thea Stilton instead. 
Project box:
9 patch quilt with Grandma's guidance

I think she will learn a lot and we will enjoy the week.

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