Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's in the Box? Grade 5

The last few weeks as Oak Meadow 5 winds down there has been less and less for her to do so I've decided to add in some things.  So here are her boxes for next week:

Main Lesson box:
history--war with Mexico, quilting project
science--weather, 4-H weather project

Reading box:
A Cricket in Times Square--chapters 5-8

Math box:
fraction and division work

Spelling box:
List L-6--synonyms, degrees of comparison and writing words

Language arts box:
grammar--antonyms, contractions, word choice and sentences
composition--word clouds
word work--alphabetizing task cards, about, analogies, write on rabbit

Lapbook box:
reptiles--crocodila, phenodontia, identify testudines, differences crocodiles vs alligators

I am having her do more work with words, following directions and writing.  She is ready for writing work and it is an important skill that I want her to do well at.

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