Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly Report: Second Grade

Week of August 13, 2010

My daughter really enjoyed this week of school. She didn't want it to end but next week we go onto new topics. We ended our wildlife unit with animal tracks.

She made a little book on animals in winter and another with the animal tracks she rubbed onto paper. These will be glued to a file folder and put into her binder.

The fours were fun too. She made a field of flowers for 4. She also got to draw a five-pointed star to show the patterns of the number 4.

For form drawing we made some patterns for 4. We were supposed to do a 4 looped design but she couldn't figure out the loops. So I made a story about going on a journey thinking she forgot something she loops back home but then remembers she has it and goes forward.
It was a fun week for her. I think she will enjoy next week too.

She also finished up the calendar project this week. This is the December page where she drew a bunny cuddling up to her present.


Kash said...

I love those animal tracks - so cool!

Monica . . . said...

That wildlife unit sounds (and looks) so fun!



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