Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekly Report: Grade 5

This was another light week for grade 5.  But next week we will gear things up in the language arts department as she works on following directions, word study and writing.

This is her assignment book.  Each day has her On Your Own work written down.  I also shaded the day with the color of the day to make it a little more fun.
I thought I would share with you what one of her spelling lists looks like after two weeks of working with the words.  As you can see, she has checked marked the words each time she wrote them, the syllables are marked, phonograms are marked and silent es are marked.  She should know the words fairly well by the time she is done with them.

This is something she made out of the following directions book.  I've noticed that following directions is a weakness.  She is always asking me for clarification and even then not doing things the way she is told in the directions.  So I picked up this book and each week she gets a nice little fun project that she has to follow step-by-step.  I am hoping it will help her to be more careful when she reads other things as well.

She is doing really well and I am happy with her progress this year.  She has come a long way and things I worried about or thought were problem areas last fall have worked themselves out. 


Daisy said...

That's neat that she has her own plans to look at. I've just started my middle schooler on a planner this year. Hopefully it works out well.

dawn said...

Love it when problems work themselves out!

Firefly said...

I'm working with my two (grade 5 and 7) on self-directed organization as well. We have planner books, but I like yours better! :-)


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