Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly Report: Grade 5

Week of August 13, 2010

It was a light week for her this week. She didn't have a lot of grammar work and we dropped the math stories because she wasn't really paying attention to them. She just didn't care about the characters.

In grammar, she learned about indirect objects. Here is the information she filled in for the sentence: Mary gave her mother a flower.
In math she had some tough work to do. She is working on adding and subtracting unlike fractions. This is the notebooking page I made for her from the instructional material in Rod and Staff. It clearly explains the steps to solving these sorts of problems.
She learned about alternatives in housing and transportation in science and about frontier life in history. Next week has some more exciting stuff planned including a new lapbook.


Mandy in TN said...

I like the grammar page. Is that Waldorf or something you created?

CloseAcademy said...

Thanks. The grammar page is actually a Montessori concept.


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