Thursday, August 5, 2010

Weekly Report: Grade 2

The Big Snow was a big hit and my youngest love the story. She also enjoyed listening to more about the rabbits and hares from Rabbit Spring. She loves animals and the stories have been a huge hit with her over the last few weeks.

For form drawing she did a spiral. This is one of her practice ones that was a lot better than her official one which she went a little crazy over.

We worked on the 3's tables this week and here she has drawn "clover" leaves for 3s. I think they turned out cute if not perfect. Sometimes, you just have to let perfection go and accept the work for what it is and that the child tried really hard and did the best they could.
It was a good week and I am seeing so much progress with her.


Monica . . . said...

Letting our perfectionism go is a tough one! Thanks for the reminder to look for the best in our kids!


Tifani said...

I am loving your visual multiplication practice!


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