Monday, August 16, 2010

Student Pictures

I don't usually post pictures of my kids online. But for the Not Back to School Student Photo week, I thought I would post some favorites from our trip to Hawai'i a few years back.

This is my youngest. She loves ponies and is finishing up 2nd grade this fall before she starts 3rd in January. We are using Oak Meadow 2/3, Rod and Staff math and Spell to Write and Read phonograms with her. She also likes lapbooks, handcrafts and pretty things.

This is my oldest. She loves bunnies. She is in 5th grade. We are using Oak Meadow 5/6, Rod and Staff Math, Spell to Write and Read, Montessori grammar activities and lapbooks. She likes science, comics and animation. She can draw cartoon characters just like they are in comic books or on TV and she only has to see them once.
They are both a lot of fun.

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