Friday, August 27, 2010

Spanish is Coming

I've tried to work with my oldest on Greek in first grade and on my own for me.  We tried Latin for a couple of years working through 10 lessons in Minimus and 8 in Lively Latin (a lesson is a month's worth of work).  But we kept hitting learning walls.  Everyone did including me.

So, I am going to put all those years of Spanish to use and teach my children Spanish instead.  I had 4 years in high school and more years than you want to know about in college.  At one point I could read not quite fluently but fairly well.  I am a timid speaker though.  But Spanish is a good language to learn and offered at most high schools.

When are we starting?

In January, I need some time to prepare.  Maybe sooner if I get too excited about it.  We will probably incorporate some in our unit on Christmas around the World for December.

What are we going to use?

Spanish Lapbook
Our library has a wonderful selection of children's books in Spanish.
And this book:

It's a workbook but it will give them easy practice on writing and working with Spanish.

I also have notes from the preschool-3rd grade Spanish class my girls took that I will use some for reference.

Just thought I would share.


Robyn said...

I saw that book at Sam's Club. I will start Spanish with my eldest ds next year... thought of starting with that book. I don't have any Spanish experience though... you'll have to update how this book goes for you. I will be interested to see!

CloseAcademy said...

I'm working on typing up my lesson plans and will make the avaialable once I have them finished.

I am hoping it will be fun.


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