Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Organizing the School Supply Boxes

By the end of the school year the supply boxes are a mess. The pencils are lost, the glue and tape are gone, the scissors are lost, the pencils all broken and unsharp, the markers are dried out and the box is filled with paper and dust and who knows what else.

So when school supplies go on sale. I often buy new tape, glue sticks, markers, and colored pencils then we take some time to clean out and organize the boxes.

This is my oldest's box. She likes her colored pencils in front, her markers in back, the middle spot is for highlighters (great for grammar) and pencils. In the other side box she keeps all the rest of the stuff she needs to do school and artwork.

My youngest's daughter's box has two sections. It used to be a stamping box. In the bottom she keeps things that she uses on a rare occasion such as her block crayons, scissors, and tape.

In the top tray, she has a spot for pencils, highlighters and erasers at the top. One side holds her colored pencils and the other her markers. They like a variety of color. In the front pockets is her glue and stapler.
It felt nice for them to have these organized neatly again. The old supplies have been added to our stores of extras in the basement. We have a large box of colored pencils, a drawer of markers and a huge box of broken crayons for use in artwork down there.


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea! Can you post where you got the boxes from?

Anonymous said...

I am a school teacher and would love to know where you got the great supply containers so that I could use them in my classroom. I love how organized they are. Thanks!

CloseAcademy said...

They are sewing supply boxes or art supply boxes found at craft stores. Thanks.


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