Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My Library List Card System

For many years, I kept a library list card system next to my computer. This list was kept so that I could find books at the library that would go with our current studies. When I got burned out by Tapestry of Grace, I dropped this system and we have been winging it the last two years.

With all of my new organizing, I've decided to bring back this system. Why?

1. I want to make sure that my youngest has a read aloud and an easy reader to go with each week's studies.

2. I think it would be good for my oldest to have some extra books on her studies to look at.

So here is my library list card system:

I have index card box, which I keep next to the computer. Inside are the index cards for each week of the year.

The cards are dated with a date or week. I write the topics at the top and then I search my library online for books to go with the topics. When I find the books that I think would be best, I write down the title, call number and author's last name.
I then take the card with me to the library and I quickly go through and pick out our books. The last time I did this system, I would go overboard and check out everything on a topic. But now I know better and our plan is to have on hand:
1-2 easy readers
1-2 story/picture books
1-5 non-fiction books on science and/or history
0-2 craft/art books if we have a project going that needs inspiration
The system can work very well and I enjoy having a list to work from when at the library.

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