Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Multiplication Tables Resources

There are lots of fun resources out there for teaching the times tables. I thought I would compile some here for easy use.

A Little Flower Garden Video on geometric patterns for the times tables.

MisterNumbers Takes these patterns a bit further and deepens the understanding.

Schoolhouse Rock multiplication rock lyrics and links to videos

Lower Case Learning Flash cards for the patterns

Lower Case Learning Multiplication rainbow clock

Our Little Nature Nest Lots of neat ideas. Very visual.

1 Homeschool Nice activities for 3-8s tables

Donna Young Charts for multiplication tables

File Folder Fun Martian Multiplication is the 2s tables, Sea Lion Multiply is 2s and 3s tables.

File Folder fun Multiple Blessings is for the 2s and 3s tables.

File Folder fun Skipping to Oregon practices skip counting

File Folder Fun Fourth of July Fireworks for counting by 4s

File Folder Fun Melon Multiplication game

When I introduce the tables this is our schedule:

Day 1--skip count, form drawing pattern (Nature Nest idea)
Day 2--rhythmic tables, rainbow clock or number wheel idea
Day 3--patterns
Day 4--fill in times tables, count change (pennies, nickels, dimes, or a mix)

Hope you find this helpful.

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