Monday, August 2, 2010

Library Finds

Yes, I found some real treasures this week at the library. I was looking for this book:

I hadn't seen it listed in my library's listing but Lester Walker goes by Les and Lester. So check both names for his books. Well, near his books, I found two other books that will be nice to read and look at in preparation for book-binding activities both this week and next year for 3rd grade.

This book is really, really cool. It has lots of neat lapbooking sorts of folding of books and is an instructional manual on how to bind books. Great book.

This book is more practical and would appeal to the visual learner. It has lots of full color pictures that take you through various book-binding techniques step-by-step. Very helpful.

I really like the Teach Yourself Visually series. I am a visual learner and they always have great step-by-step pictures. I found this one today:

I hope to look through this and figure out some stuff I had wondered how to do.

It was a good week for me at the library and I found a lot of good resources for school and handwork.

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