Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lester Walker's Books

I have in my hands:

This is the often recommended book to use for the carpentry block for third grade. It is a rather thick book and contains quite a few projects. The book is divided into sections:

building your workshop
one-day projects
weekend projects
one-week projects

This book has the children doing the work of making their own workshop area and even building their own toolbox. The children use real tools and wood. The projects range from making a tugboat to building a coaster car (that the child rides in).

If you have children who would like to use real tools to make real things then you might find this book to a great guide and useful for ideas on projects.

I also have this in hand:

Again this book is thick and has project ideas for the children to do. The sections include:

guide for parents and teachers
setting up the workshop
using the tools
practice projects
6 houses to build
A-frame house

The children learn to use real tools to build forts and houses. The junkyard house is one that would be considered a hazard today but the others look fine. If you have people in your family who like to use tools then this book could be a lot of fun.

Hope this helps others who are considering these books for a carpentry unit.

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