Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun Sheep to Garment Books

This week, my younger dd learned about source to product.  And we found some nice books that she really enjoyed to go with this unit.

A New Coat for Anna is a wonderful book about a little girl in Germany who needs a new coat.  But the war has just ended and the stores are still closed and no one has any money.  My daughter really liked the story and how the little girl loved to visit the sheep while waiting for their wool to be ready to clip.

There is also a lapbook for this one.

No unit like this is complete without Elsa Beskow's classic book:  Pelle's New Suit.  This book shows the little boy doing chores for various neighbors in exchange for the work that needs to be done to create his new suit of clothes.  I love Elsa Beskow's books.

This is a nice easy reader that explains the process of how crayons are created.  It all starts with wax which comes from bees and ends in a beautiful set of crayons. 

We are really enjoying this unit and have found these books to be a great addition to these studies.

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