Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freedom as an Spiritual Activity part 2

I listened to the second 30 minutes of this podcast from a Little Flower Garden. During this section of the podcast I learned that every day is new.

That's right! When I wake up in the morning the day is a clean page and I can make it what I want to be. I have the freedom to make it a happy, productive day or I can be grumpy and lazy and miserable all day long. I like happy, productive days the best. Don't you?

Also, that handwork solves everything or at least makes it so that I can deal with life better. And you know what? When I have a handwork project going I feel more relaxed/less restless, more focused/less distracted, and my life has better rhythm, organization and everyone seems to get along better.

I know it sounds crazy but it works.

So I really like to knit but I am no good at large projects. Making small animals out of knitted squares, making a small purse, and things like that are great. But big projects are just too much for me. I am not going to knit a sweater anytime soon or a hat or a scarf or anything large.

But I also like to learn how to do new things and there are lots of cool knitting patterns. So after looking through this book:

I think what I want to do is just knit 3 x 3 squares of different patterns in different colors and types of yarn. When I am done then I will probably "sew" them altogether and make a sort of afghan or knitted quilt. I'll do pictures as I make the pieces.

So what did I learn?

every day is new and I choose how that day goes
handwork is good for me

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