Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cross-referencing for File Box System

I organized our curriculum this year using the file box system but I put mine in a file drawer so it was out of the way but still within easy reach. One of the things I put in each file was the weekly schedule, as seen below.

This schedule tells me what we are doing for each subject that week. But what if I find something really neat that I want to use in an upcoming unit?

Do I dig through all the files scanning the schedules until I find the right one?
No, I look at my handy-dandy cross reference sheet. This is the sheet I made for math story topics for 2011 (OM3). I keep this in my daughter's school folder. So I find this neat activity on shapes, I check the math sheet and find the week we are doing shapes and stick it in that file.
It should make things easier.

This is the cross reference sheet I made for phonics for the rest of 2010. It has the week, the phonics concept and the story we will be reading. So if I come across any cool file-folder games or other activities that are not to be missed, I can easily add them to the file and use them if we want.
Just thought I would share how I made future filing of material easy with the cross-reference system.

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