Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Clothing Organization and More Classroom Pictures

Getting dressed in the morning was a real experience but after looking at the dollar spot at Target, I found some shoe and clothing organizers for $2.50 each.  And this is what we did with them:

Each girl has a shoe organizer for her shoes and her bags.  Then they have an organizer for the week's clothing.  It kind of sags and if this works long term I will go back and buy the expensive ones.  Each day has play clothes and nice clothes.  The outfits are coordinated and it makes it so easy for them to just go and pull out clothes for the day rather than wander around in mis-matched stained clothing.  This has made my life so much easier.

This is our learning wall.  We have a place for social studies/history, science (cloud poster), phonics (we need a chart for words, contractions page), and math with the chart of multiplication chants.  It is a bit of a work in progress and things on the wall will change weekly to by unit.

On this wall, I found a chart for our calendar and clocks.  I also made a place for spelling and language arts.  My oldest is the only one with these subjects right now although my youngest will start them after the new year.  Language arts has her word cloud she made.  Her current spelling list is below spelling.

I think the learning walls will be a nice addition to our homeschool.

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Leah @ A Butterfly In My Stomach said...

I love the learning wall! I have been looking at our barren walls thinking that something needs to be put on them! Happy Homeschooling!


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