Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I listened to the first 30 minutes of A Little Garden Flower's podcast for the Beacon program: Freedom as a Spiritual Activity while I worked out. The big message in that first 30 minutes was that I choose to live the way I do. I have the freedom to choose something else.


If you've ever studied the four temperaments that Steiner had a huge hang-up on you will know that there are 4 types: Sanguine (butterfly), Choleric (hot-headed, energetic, fiery), Melancholic (Eeyore), and Phlegmatic (couch potato). I am a phlegmatic.

Yes, I am. I like to rest and read and the big thing about vacations is that there is a beach for me to relax on (no swimming) and food. I always make detailed plans and maps to find all the best restaurants wherever we go and then I come home and find out how to cook our new discoveries.

Well, anyway in my laziness my life if I don't keep on top of organization will quickly become those horror stories you see on those hoarding shows. If I am feeling low-energy, busy, tired or am suffering from winter lack of sun depression the laundry piles up, the clutter overtakes everything and my children's room becomes a carpet of toys.

But, I have the freedom to choose to live differently. Right now I am choosing to organize and declutter. My girls' room is clean, their closet is cleaned out (2 bags of clothes are leaving and some toys). I now have organizers in their closet to hold extra shoes, bags (they have more purses than they should), and clothes for the week.

Tomorrow, I am cleaning out the bathroom cabinet and everyone will have their own caddy. The basement classroom is an ongoing project but we cleaned the papers off their desks today and I got rid of 5 grocery bags full of books last week. I will get rid of more books this week.

I am choosing to organize. What are you choosing?


Anonymous said...

I love Melisa Nielsen's podcasts , I have learned so much for her.
I tend to fall under being a choleric. I hate to admit how many notebooks I have filled with lists all through the house. We a choosing to live a simple life. I remember cleaning the "whole" house with my gramdmother on Friday's, it is my goal to be able to do our house that way :).
Great post ! Blessings,

CloseAcademy said...

Her podcasts are so inspiring. Once I get through the free ones I am going to buy some of the others.

My dh & oldest dd are both cholerics too.


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