Friday, July 16, 2010

When Rhythm is Off

There are times when you get overwhelmed by life and the rhythm of your days go off track. For me these times can be very frustrating because things are no longer running smoothly.

How does your rhythm get off track?

stressful time
feeling down or depressed
too many outside activities or appointments
a large project that takes away from the home

What are the symptoms of an out of sync rhythm?

messy house
grumpy family members
unfinished chores

How do you get back on track?

Take a week or two off from a lot of outside activities. Take a day or two or even a week to play catch-up on unfinished chores and get every thing nice again. Then start your rhythm again slowly.

Start with the evening rhythm then add in morning and afternoon. After a week or two or more you should be back on track.

What are the benefits or a good rhythm?

clean house
work is done
chores are done
everyone feels centered and well.

My rhythm has been off the last two weeks but we are ready to get back on track. I hope this helps others.

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Kara said...

Great advice! I agree with you that getting the evening/bedtime routine back on track first is key, too ... a smooth bedtime helps the next day SO much :-)

I find that, unless it is because of a drastic event (like a sudden illness, death in the family, ect), usually our rhythm gets out of sync little by little ... so little by little is how we get back on track.

Love this post!


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