Thursday, July 29, 2010

What's in the Box? Fifth Grade

I think we have a good week lined up for the first week of August. Here is what is in the box:

Grammar/composition box:
subject/action/direct object analysis
paragraphs on best birthday, scary event, stormy weather and ticket to anywhere

Spelling box:
List L-4, marking phonograms and test

Main lesson box:
history--Native Americans
Science--natural resources and mining

Math box:
Circle of Flame story chapters 2 and 3

On Your Own box:
math--mixed, improper and proper fractions
grammar--writing sentences with homophones
spelling--antonyms, writing words
project--bead loom
Norse Myths--Bragi, Odin's Steed, Valkyries and Frigg
mapping--trails, USA, state and county maps

I think we have a good week lined up for her.

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