Thursday, July 15, 2010

What's in the Box? Fifth Grade

My oldest daughter is starting to really come back into enjoying school and I think we have a good week lined up for her. What's in her boxes?

Grammar box:
sentence analysis--we will become familiar with the tools and how to use them.

Composition box:
Learning to Write Paragraphs by Barbara Gruber--Best Day, Grow up, Special Someone and Away from Home

Spelling box:
List L-3--syllables, phonograms and silent e

Main Lesson box:
Science--asteroid belt, Jupiter and Saturn

Math box:
Singapore math--decimals to the 1000ths

On Your Own box:
Math--long multiplication
Reading--Thor, Loki and Sif's Golden Hair in Norse Myths
Spelling--pictures for words, write a battle scene, write words
Grammar--make sentences, write sentences
Lapbook--finish hamster lapbook
Project--bead loom

Read Aloud for everyone: The End by Lemony Snickett

It should be a fun week.

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