Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's in the Box? Fifth Grade

So what are we planning for 5th grade? We have a nice line-up for our short week.

Grammar box:
compound conjunctions
lists of other types of conjunctions

Spelling box:
List L3
1-1-1 rule

Main Lesson box:
Andrew Jackson
Asteroid Belt
project--bead loom

decimals to the 1000ths

On Your Own:
Math--long multiplication
Read--Tree of Life, Asgard and Odin
Spelling: 1-1-1 rule words?, adding ing to 1-1-1 words, adding ed to 1-1-1 words
Grammar: subject/predicate, marking s/p, make sentences & mark s/p
Lapbook: hamsters
Vocabulary: captor, humble and duel

I think we will have a good week. Both girls will be working on weaving projects.

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