Thursday, July 1, 2010

What's in the Box? Fifth Grade

I think we have a good week lined up for fifth grade. Here is what we have planned:

Box 1--Grammar: Conjunctions pairs, adverbs, pronouns and compound

Box 2--Spelling: List L-2, marking syllables, phonograms and silent e

Box 3--Main:
History: Tecumseh, The War of 1812
Science: Mercury, Venus
Project: design a flag with 20 stars

Box 4--Math: decimal work up to 1000th

Box 5--On Your Own:
Math: long multiplication
Spelling: write words, identify words with multi-letter phonograms and silent e
Grammar: writing sentences with verbs
4-H: work on projects
Read: I am looking at 2 different books.
This one goes with her history curriculum:

Or this one which I think will speak to her needs:

She has been wanting adventure and fighting. So I think the Norse Myths will answer that need better than some of the books and TV that she has been watching. We are getting ready to impose some limits on what she watches. She was very good until recently and we really don't like "Kids Next Door" and the behaviors it has introduced. I think the Norse Myths will feed that need for good verses bad stories without the attitude and fighting between age groups.

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