Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekly Report Second Grade

The big thing this week was the learning about the 1s and 2s times tables. Here are some pictures of our work:

This is the multiplication clock for the number 2. For this one I drew the circle, colored the rainbow and wrote the numbers. In the coming weeks I am going to have her take over more of this activity and make it her own.

This is the form drawing ideas I got from Nature Nest. We did the circles for 1s and these are her forms for 2s. She did all the writing and drawing herself.

This is the picture idea for multiplication. She drew the house and I wrote the numbers for her at the bottom to show the pattern. All of this will go in her math notebook.

I also had her start filling in the times table for the 2s. We are going to do a rainbow pattern on it so that it is more colorful and you can easily find the numbers that you are looking for.
She did her October page for her calendar, learned the rules about the vowel sounds and worked on addition to 8. She enjoyed the stories in Rabbit Spring by Tilde Michels. We will put that book on hold for next week and come back to it the week after.
Overall she had a good week and I am happy with the progress she continues to make.

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Kash said...

That multiplication table is so neat! I may have to copy that idea. :)


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